International Day of the Girl

By Prema Kapoor

Image Source

Since 2012, October 11th has been celebrated as the International Day of the Girl. The United Nations started the Day of the Girl to raise awareness about the challenges girls face every day, all over the world. While promoting female empowerment, the UN also hopes to fulfil their human rights needs.

The UN is working towards making sure our future is filled with bright, young women who are ready to enter the workforce and stand up for themselves. There are so many pathways young girls can take on, but most of them—especially in developing countries—will never have the opportunity to go down those paths.

And to further the chances of female youth getting the chance of experiencing being in the workforce, in 2018, the UN began the With Her: A Skilled GirlForce. This campaign is a year-long effort to bring together partners and other organizations to advocate and bring attention to funding sessions and workshops for young girls to receive the skills they need to be employable.

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