Ward 3 – Regional Councillor Candidate Responses


Milton Town Hall

Scene & Herd recently sent emails to all candidates in the 2018 Milton municipal election running for Local Councillor and Regional Councillor positions.

Milton’s ward boundaries were recently redrawn. Milton now has four wards, down from eight in the 2014 municipal election. In the upcoming 2018 Milton municipal election, one Local Councillor and one Regional Councillor will be elected from each of the four wards.

Local Councillors are responsible for reviewing reports, making recommendations, and creating policies related to the Town of Milton. They serve on Milton’s Town Council.

Regional Councillors are responsible for reviewing reports, making recommendations, and creating policies related to Halton Region and the Town of Milton. They serve on Halton Regional Council as well as Milton’s Town Council.

Ward 1 is located in the northwest part of town. It is bordered by Derry Road to the south and Regional Road 25 (Ontario Street) to the east. Public Schools in Ward 1 include Brookville, Escarpment View, Martin Street, W.I. Dick, J.M. Denyes, and Milton District.

Mike Cluett is the only incumbent councillor running for election in the new Ward 1. He is currently the Regional Councillor for the old Wards 1, 6, 7, and 8.

There are more youth living in Milton than ever before. This means that Milton will soon have thousands of new potential voters. As such, we asked the candidates for their answers to seven questions primarily relating to issues facing Milton youth.

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order, regardless of incumbency. The candidates’ answers have not been edited in any way. The questions and answers are listed below:

Question 1: Do you believe our current town infrastructure (schools, libraries, community centres, sports centres, parks, trails, etc.) addresses the needs of Milton youth effectively?


Mike Cluett: The quick answer I feel is no. Not for the lack of wanting to have more of these facilities available for our youth. Are we as a municipality doing ok at this? That’s subjective but given a long list of things holding us back from financial constraints, cooperation with other levels of government among some of the reasons, we are trying our best and thinking outside the lines when looking at new facilities. Multi use facilities like the one we’re opening in Sherwood later next year shows that if we listen to the public on what services they want, we a municipality can listen and create these buildings for our growing population. 


Faisal Elahi: NO RESPONSE.

Question 2: As a Regional Councillor, what specifically will you do in your ward to make youth feel a greater sense of belonging within the fabric of Milton and Halton Region as a whole?


Mike Cluett: One of the main things we need to continue to do is the conversation we’re having now. Instead of once a year meetings at council or surveys like this, we need to hear more of each other. I’d like to set up quarterly meetings with youth groups at all the high schools in a Milton…not just in my ward. Our community is growing fast and as the father of an 18 year old college student and a 10 year old daughter, I need to hear what we’re doing right and wrong … suggestions not just on community services but economic development and jobs. We’re building s community for you. What will break my heart is if I hear from someone saying I can’t afford to live here in my home town or I can’t find a job here in my home town. You need to be at every table we have going forward and if I continue as Regional councillor and in the future, I want to make sure we’re meeting more often and having more talks to build this great town for all of us. 


Faisal Elahi: NO RESPONSE.

Question 3: Most Milton youth find themselves having to travel outside of town for a satisfactory shopping experience. Given that Milton continues to have only one (small) shopping mall within its boundaries despite being a town of over 110,000 residents, do you have any plans to incorporate something ambitious (e.g., a new shopping mall that is more youth-oriented and easily accessible) into any Town Plan or study?


Mike Cluett: We are constantly working with the retail industry leaders to see what can be done. The town or region don’t build malls per say but we do try our best to see what can be done on the retail side of things. Retail is changing daily and with Amazon being so innovative it’s hard to keep up. I know that going forward Council has been urging the development community to bring forward more of these proposals so that when homes go in, so do the stores. Jobs and consumer based construction is what I have been and will continue to focus on going forward. 


Faisal Elahi:  NO RESPONSE.

Question 4: There are more youth living in Milton than ever before, many of whom will find their first job here. What will you do as Regional Councillor to ensure enough local jobs are created?


Mike Cluett: As I mentioned in the last question it’s going to be council as a whole that need to stress to staff and the development community that we need to build it all … residential, commercial for jobs at the same time so as youth move in, there are opportunities. I’d like to head up a “youth jobs” team that we can send out to company headquarters in the GTA to let them know about how we are growing and what the benefits of them moving their companies here to Milton or opening up more places. Our youth are educated and innovative and it’s time the rest of the GTA knows about it. 


Faisal Elahi: NO RESPONSE.

Question 5: What is a key difference between a Town Councillor and a Regional Councillor?


Mike Cluett: Town councillors are elected to represent their wards at Milton town Hall. The town is responsible for items like community centres, parks programs, boulevard lawn cutting ad libraries. The regional level of government is responsible for many public health programs, waste management at our landfill location, seniors and youth services, as well as water and waste water services. Regional councillors attend both town and regional meetings and manage both budgets.


Faisal Elahi: NO RESPONSE.

Question 6: What is a fun fact about you?


Colin Best: I love music …listening to all kinds from today’s music to 80s glam rock bands and I can be found driving around in my car singing at the top of my lungs. So far, I haven’t lost any votes for that so keep it between us ok haha. 


Faisal Elahi: NO RESPONSE.

Question 7: Where can Milton youth learn more about you and your campaign for Town Councillor?


Mike Cluett: There are lots of ways to find out more about me by following me on Twitter & Instagram @mike_cluett 

My website is www.completecommunity.ca and you can call text or Whatsapp me (647)-888-9032


Faisal Elahi: NO RESPONSE.

The 2018 Milton municipal election will be held on October 22. Visit MiltonVotes.ca for more information.

Image Source: Metroland Media

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