Ward 3 – Town Councillor Candidate Responses


Milton Town Hall

Scene & Herd recently sent emails to all candidates in the 2018 Milton municipal election running for Local Councillor and Regional Councillor positions.

Milton’s ward boundaries were recently redrawn. Milton now has four wards, down from eight in the 2014 municipal election. In the upcoming 2018 Milton municipal election, one Local Councillor and one Regional Councillor will be elected from each of the four wards.

Local Councillors are responsible for reviewing reports, making recommendations, and creating policies related to the Town of Milton. They serve on Milton’s Town Council.

Regional Councillors are responsible for reviewing reports, making recommendations, and creating policies related to Halton Region and the Town of Milton. They serve on Halton Regional Council as well as Milton’s Town Council.

Ward 3 is located in the southeast part of town. It is bordered by Derry Road to the north and Regional Road 25 (Ontario Street) to the west. Public Schools in Ward 3 include Tiger Jeet Singh, Hawthorne Village, Irma Coulson, and Craig Kielburger.

There are two incumbent councillors running in Ward 3. Rick Di Lorenzo is currently the Local Councillor for the old Ward 7, and Robert Duvall is currently the Local Councillor for the old Ward 1.

There are more youth living in Milton than ever before. This means that Milton will soon have thousands of new potential voters. As such, we asked the candidates for their answers to seven questions primarily relating to issues facing Milton youth.

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order, regardless of incumbency. The candidates’ answers have not been edited in any way. The questions and answers are listed below:

Question 1: Do you believe our current town infrastructure (schools, libraries, community centres, sports centres, parks, trails, etc.) addresses the needs of Milton youth effectively?


Rick Di Lorenzo: NO RESPONSE.


Robert Duvall: We are always looking to do it better, but as a board chair on Conservation Halton we are excited to announce the Giants Rib Geopark.  Giants Rib GeoPark System is an exciting new concept that Conservation Halton will be seeking community support for through 2018. Some quick points to mention:

  • It will hopefully lead to a collaborative approach between many stakeholders who own or have an interest in public use of the natural environment around the Niagara Escarpment running through Halton to promote cultural and natural heritage, recreational and learning experiences, and to enhance the natural environment.
  • The Giants Rib GeoPark System will follow a globally established model, supported by UNESCO to engage people and businesses in outstanding geological features, to create destinations for tourists and visitors, and to provide opportunities for local economic growth.
  • We hope it will allow a number of partners who have land, or an interest in land, on the Escarpment to engage the public in opportunities to be involved in the environment through existing, and potentially, new public spaces and parks.
  • It will capitalise on our position within a 1 hour drive of 8 million residents in the GTHA and within a short distance of the growing urban centres of Oakville, Milton and Burlington to provide for a consistent and coordinated approach to opportunities on the Escarpment.
  • Giants Rib Geopark System will be a stakeholder and community led initiative with a people-centric focus – it is about engaging communities in the escarpment.

As for libraries and sports centres we have the new Sherwood Community Centre being build which will be open in 2019.   This new facility will house both a library and a Sports Centre right near the Niagara Escarpment on Steels and Scott.    It will have state of the art equipment and services that we all can enjoy so keep your eyes open for this great new building!


Usman Kayani: NO RESPONSE.

Question 2: As a Town Councillor, what specifically will you do in your ward to make youth feel a greater sense of belonging within the fabric of Milton?


Rick Di Lorenzo: NO RESPONSE.


Robert Duvall: There is a great opportunity to have youth help in the design of the new Market square that is being proposed in the downtown core.   There will be community input and consultation and it should be the youth that have a large impact in its design. This square will be the centre of Milton’s focus moving forward with shops, music, resting places and outdoor markets.


Usman Kayani: NO RESPONSE.

Question 3: Most Milton youth find themselves having to travel outside of town for a satisfactory shopping experience. Given that Milton continues to have only one (small) shopping mall within its boundaries despite being a town of over 110,000 residents, do you have any plans to incorporate something ambitious (e.g., a new shopping mall that is more youth-oriented and easily accessible) into any Town Plan or study?


Rick Di Lorenzo: NO RESPONSE.


Robert Duvall: Shopping is a tough one as we (meaning council) do not decide on placement nor the type of stores that are put into a plaza/mall. It is completely the sole discretion of the free market and their business model.   Saying that the challenges are great as retail is collapsing before our very eyes with Amazon and online sales causing most of the retail outlets to close their doors. I’m sure in 5 short years we will see a very different landscape than we do now but the market will shift and change accordingly to peoples purchasing practices.


Usman Kayani: NO RESPONSE.

Question 4: It is often frustrating for Milton youth to get outside of town when a car is not an option. Many youth have to travel to a GO Station in Oakville or Burlington to get to Downtown Toronto because GO Train service is not available in Milton on weekends. Inside town, Milton youth walk, ride bicycles and take Milton Transit to get around, among others. How will your transit plan address the needs of Milton youth?


Rick Di Lorenzo: NO RESPONSE.


Robert Duvall: Transportation is among one of the top complaints I have heard during my last 4 years on Council. Milton’s growth has been and will continue to be substantial over the next several years and we need to ensure our residents can easily move in and out of Town.  During my tenure, I have brought forward the idea of a hybrid systems that incorporates short haul ride-sharing programs like the town of Innisfil using Uber/Lyft. This system will allow youth especially to go from a regular transit stop directly to a point of interest like the Milton Sports Centre or First Ontario Arts Centre Milton, cutting travel time substantially and giving the public the ability to use their apps to see where the rideshare is with exact times of arrival.   

Since GO transit is the sole responsibility of the Provincial Government and the rail lines are owned and shared with freight traffic by CP Rail, it makes two way all day go service a major challenge unlike the Oakville line which is solely a GO line.   The good news is we are adding 800 new parking spots, a new platform and GO Station with bike parking and bike access in anticipation of all day service with our proposal in council called “The missing link” which adds relief lines for GO around the CP rail line during freight hours.


Usman Kayani: NO RESPONSE.

Question 5: After your four-year term as Town Councillor ends, what do you hope your impact on Milton youth will be?


Rick Di Lorenzo: NO RESPONSE.


Robert Duvall: I currently chair MEDAC “Milton Economic Development” and have had my hands in the MEV Centre since its beginning,  this high-tech incubation and collaboration jewel is the start of youth being involved in the high-tech industry. Grass roots organizations such as Silicon Halton which I am also a member of help youth tap into their potential in this industry and I want to make it the example of the GTA moving forward.


Usman Kayani: NO RESPONSE.

Question 6: What is a fun fact about you?


Rick Di Lorenzo: NO RESPONSE.


Robert Duvall: I studied to be a music teacher and studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music in my early years. After working in the pro music industry at Steve’s Music and Cosmo Music I moved into recording and engineering for 3D animation.  Of course this entailed being directly involved with high end computer systems which opened the door for other opportunities. I Moved on to tech for Microsoft and Cisco traveling around the world and started my consulting business which I run today designing security and server systems right here in town.


Usman Kayani: NO RESPONSE.

Question 7: Where can Milton youth learn more about you and your campaign for Town Councillor?


Rick Di Lorenzo: NO RESPONSE.


Robert Duvall: Please visit www.robert-duvall.ca for more information 😊


Usman Kayani: NO RESPONSE.

The 2018 Milton municipal election will be held on October 22. Visit MiltonVotes.ca for more information.

Image Source: Metroland Media

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