Algonquin Park Canoe Trip

By Massimo Stefanovic

On Tuesday, October 9th at 6:00 a.m., members of Mr. Walker’s Outdoors Ed class left for Algonquin Provincial Park and returned on Friday at 5:30 in the evening. They took a three-hour bus ride, expecting a climate of 23 degrees over the course of the trip. It came as a surprise when they woke up Friday to find the climate to be cold and damp.

Students went portaging, hiking through swamps, and endured muddy terrain in the thick forests. Despite all, the students thrived in the harsh weather, thanks to teamwork, perseverance, and hard work. Their ability to utilize each other’s strengths ensured their success and survival. Thankfully, all 30 people who attended the trip made it back to Milton intact.

Some of the most memorable moments students faced on the trip was spotting a wild mouse, going over three different beaver dams, and the many, many mosquitoes encountered. Overall, this experience was one that will stick with the students of MDHS for the rest of their lives. Shannon Pike described the trip as “cold, wet, disgusting, crazy, and fun, all of which made it, by far, my favourite trip I’ve had in high school.”

Image source: Explore Magazine


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