MDHS Fitness Room Controversy Grows

By Tuba Choudhry

Some Milton District High School students aren’t happy with changes to the school’s fitness room.

Over the last three years, Milton District’s fitness room has moved away from a weight room towards a CrossFit ‘light’-style room which combines weights as well as space for cardio in an effort to promote an active lifestyle.

Some students say they’ve been excluded from the decision making process, calling the changes unfair.

Milton District High School Principal, Rasa Baksys, says the changes were designed by fitness teachers at the school and the Halton District School Board.

Ms. Baksys says that while she understands not every student is happy with the change, the fitness room is now seeing more students using it after hours than before.

Ms. Baksys says the fitness room is actually bringing staff and students together.

MDHS offers a CrossFit-light style program after school, supervised only by certified teachers, similar to how an auto shop would need trained teachers to supervise for safety reasons.

Ms. Baksys says staff and the disenfranchised students have kept an open dialogue, but due to budget constraints, it may not be possible for everyone to be happy.

As such, Ms. Baksys is pleased the majority of students seem to enjoy the fitness room.