MD’s First Ever HOSA Chapter!

By Tithi Mayani

Image Source

The first ever Milton District High School HOSA meeting took place on Friday, October 12th, 2018. HOSA, or Health Occupations Students of America, is a competition for students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. It is often described as “DECA, but for healthcare”. Lead by Jasiya Janjua, the first ever Milton District High School chapter will be meeting on Fridays, after school, in room 209. The HOSA team consists of students taking the Health and Wellness SHSM this year.

Students will compete in one of five categories; Health Science events, Leadership events, Emergency Preparedness events, Health Professions events, and Teamwork events. All of these events have their own individual sub-categories. As well as their main event, students can also choose to compete in the special event, which consists of writing a report on health policies. The students that decide to compete in the same categories will study together to help prepare each other for HOSA.

Students will be competing at HOSA on the 25th and 26th of March, 2019. When they are there, they will also participate in the HOSA conference, and in special healthcare-related workshops. We hope that all students have an amazing time at HOSA, and learn many new things!

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