Parent Teacher Interview Night

By Haleema Sadia


Parent Teacher Interview night is a night where all parents with children in all grades gather at the school to meet with teachers. This event happens twice a year, first semester and second semester.

This year we were set up in the library, cafeteria, and large gym. Several booths were also set up in the front foyer, near the gym, and in the cafeteria, to help guide parents in finding the teachers, and letting them know what time their interviews were.

This year at all the booths, there was an online survey, for the parents to fill out, just to let teachers at Milton District High School know how to interact with the students more.

Parents came in to meet the teachers and talk about how and what their children can do to improve, and what the teacher themselves will do to help the student improve.

Staff and teachers at MDHS will continue to have parent-teacher interviews, not only to help students but also to help teachers have a better understanding of how to help the students in a positive way and in a safe environment.

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