Dyslexia Awareness Day at MDHS

By Prema Kapoor

MDHS Wellness Team members showing their support.

On Monday, October 22, Milton District took part in the “Mark It Read” campaign.

“Mark It Read” is a month-long initiative started by Dyslexia Canada to recognize the one in five kids who live with dyslexia across the country.

To participate in this event, Dyslexia Canada is asking for schools to use red pens, chalk, crayons, and markers for a day, and for everyone to wear a red shirt.

Those with dyslexia have a hereditary disability that makes reading, writing and spelling a daily struggle. The x’s made by a teacher’s red marking pen is a reminder of this complete lack of support, which these kids need to be successful in both school and life.

As we raise awareness and acceptance for those with dyslexia, remember that a person’s disability does not define them.

Vice Principal Mr. Rehm and Principal Ms. Baksys showing their support.

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