MDHS Students Write DECA Regional Exam Online

By Tithi Mayani and Zian Raheem


For the past two months, MDHS students involved in DECA have been preparing for an exam which will test their knowledge on a business cluster they have chosen to study.

Students specializing in the hospitality, entrepreneurship and finance cluster conducted their 100 question multiple choice exam on October 30th after school in the library, while students practicing marketing and team decision activities completed their exam the next day.

Several students have been preparing very hard for this exam:

DECA is “all about using common knowledge to answer questions about real life business scenarios. It tests how prepared you are to experience real life situations that involve financial, psychological, and social factors.” —Mirha Mansoor, a Grade 11 DECA student.

“I studied almost two exams everyday, from the beginning of October to the last day before the exam”  —Mohammed Haq, a DECA marketing student.

“It was a very hard exam, so a lot of studying is needed. I memorized several accounting and business definitions which would help me succeed for this exam such as vertical conflict and forwarding.” —Saad Fasihi, a DECA entrepreneurship student.

We wish all the students their very best on the next chapter of their DECA journey. Students will be performing case studies on their particular business cluster at the Hamilton Regionals on November 24th at Iroquois Ridge High School. Students who perform well on the regional competition can move forward to the provincial competition.

Well done to all the students who took the exam. Best of luck in the future!

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