Halloween Freak Week

By Tithi Mayani

MDHS celebrated Halloween by hosting a week-long celebration consisting of exciting contests and activities. Our school’s Student Government worked hard to run a costume contest, a button making station and a food drive disguised as a guess-the-candy-in-the-jar contest.

On Monday, various members stayed outside of the cafeteria accepting items for the food drive. In exchange for non-perishable food items, students receive one ballot containing their guess of how many candies are in the jar. Student Government promises to give all donations to charity.

On Tuesday, the button maker was set up outside in the front hallway. Students were free to create their very own spooky buttons.

On Wednesday, a school-wide costume contest took place. The categories included best teacher costumes, funniest costumes, scariest costumes and best group costumes. Grade representatives and student senators were assigned a category depending on which grade they are currently in. Students who dressed up for the costume contest were instructed to stand up during the assembly and show off their costumes as grade representatives went around and chose they costumes they thought were the best. The nominated students then competed in front of the whole school in an epic dance battle! The students were told to vote for their favourite costume by cheering as loud as they could!

Congratulations and a special thanks to all who participated in Freak Week!


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