NaNoWriMo: Image Poem

By Iman Kamran


Not just a word but brings life,

it brings life to me,

Without me, even thinking twice.

When there is no confidence,

there is no me, I am not there, I won’t exist to be.

To you, you can’t see the emotion in me,

on the outside you see life,

on the inside there is no we,

not a single battle I can fight,

Without my confidence, there is no light.

The colours of me,

make the person I seem,

the colours I add,

make me who I want to be,

Just like a rainbow,

Spread out over the sky,

Each colour is a piece,

a piece that completes the pie.

I may not be the most perfect girl to exist,

but it is a trick, that the most perfect girl,

even exists,

not in this world or any other,

life in the world we live in, which was brought in by our mother.

perfect is just a word, not a reality

We seem to be frightened,

over all,

life should be more of the quality over quantity.

I was born to stand out,

and not just to blend in,

I am, who I am,

I was never here to win.

Intelligent and beautiful, trustworthy and outgoing,

I try the best of my ability,

even without knowing.

I love the way I dress,

I adore the things I do,

I get it’s not all how basic people like it but,

I am unique and I want to stay true.

So please don’t try to change that,

because that’s the way I am,

If you can’t handle me at my worst,

you don’t deserve me when i’m fully glam.

I can’t be around toxic people,

when life is too short,

to have rubbish in my life,

just makes me want to aboard.

I was born in the skin I was,

the things I do show what I love,

what I wear, represents what I stan,

and I like, what I like,

because I can.

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