Lockers: Coming Soon to a Hallway Near You

By Hunter Culhane

Locker ImageIt was recently announced that lockers will be available to students starting November 28.

There are many lockers in the hallways of Milton District, though most of them have not been made available for student use so far this school year. The West Hall on the second floor currently has no lockers; they were removed during Summer Break to be replaced with new lockers.

According to Principal Ms. Baksys, an error was made when ordering the new lockers. Rather than the normal 12-inch lockers, 15-inch lockers were ordered instead. She explains that every student at MDHS would not be able to have their own locker if the 15-inch lockers were installed.

As a result, 12-inch lockers were then ordered—though they would not be delivered until shortly after the start of the school year. Ms. Baksys says Milton District’s finances were not impacted by this action, as the cost of reordering is not the school’s responsibility.

However, the delivery date was pushed back multiple times.

Ms. Baksys says she was repeatedly informed that the lockers “would be here in two weeks”—though as the two-week deadline, Thanksgiving deadline, and end of October deadline passed, it became clear that students would have to cope for much longer than expected.

Since the start of the school year, only grade nine students have been given lockers to use. This decision was made with the intent of making the new students comfortable at Milton District in their first year.

Many students have been forced to haul their heavy textbooks, umbrellas, and jackets around the school to each of their classes, making for a frustrating time getting around.

Lockers will be available for Grade 10 students starting November 28, Grade 11 students on November 29, and Grade 12 students on November 30.

Prior to November 28, the lockers will be assembled in groups of five in the Art Room for a period of three days. They will then be installed around the school, after which Grade 10, 11 and 12 students will be able to rent a locker of their choice using the new LockerGM system the school began using this year.

Lockers and locks are provided to all students at no cost. For more information on the locker registration process, visit or the main office.

Current locker locations and numbers are listed below. These are subject to change.

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