Take Your Kid to Work Day: A Learning Experience to Remember

By Iman Kamran

pens near keyboard and paper clips

Take Your Kid to Work Day was a success!

Many Grade 9 students got to experience the real world and understand what their parents do every day at their jobs. Some were inspired to work harder to get to the same position, or similar, as their parent.

An MDHS student who is an artist went to her dad’s work at Ubisoft because she was interested in the production of video games. She saw how games are designed, some concept art pieces, and behind the scenes of an unreleased game! It motivated her to work harder to achieve her career goals.

Another student went to TD in Toronto and got a tour around the company’s buildings. She sat through presentations about what opportunities TD has for everyone, including marketing and trade—though the best part of her experience was definitely the snacks!

Students enjoyed their day off from school but also got to meet new people and look through the eyes of their parents and how they work everyday. It was an interesting experience and one some students will remember for when it comes time to choose a career path.

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