Grade 10s Visit Country Heritage Park for Halton Pathways Day

By Iman Umair-Qaiser

As part of the Grade 10 Careers Course, where students learned about potential educational pathways and future careers they could take, Careers students attended the Halton Pathways Day at Country Heritage Park on Wednesday November 14th.

The event provided students information about SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major) programs at various schools, where students inclined to specific workforces could familiarize themselves with the environment and skills they would need for their future careers.

Some SHSM programs that students could consider taking include Health & Wellness, Social Justice, Hospitality & Tourism, and Sports.

MDHS Grade 11 and 12 MIB (Mustangs in Blue) leaders also helped out with the event.

Overall, the event proved to be very informational for the students who attended.

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