MDHS Music Feeder School Tour: Day #1

By Eli Vodarek-Berman

The MDHS Music Program has officially kicked off its annual Feeder School Tour!

On Wednesday, November 28th, we began our annual feeder school tour, visiting Sam Sherratt and Brookville Public School in Milton.

The goal of the tour is to show the feeder schools (whose graduates feed into Milton District) that MD is the place to go for music—and we did just that!

The Senior Concert and Jazz Bands, along with Mr. Foster’s Funk Band, had an outstanding day showing off their renowned skill and talent, while the Junior bands were able to show their hard work and musicality for the first time.

This amazing day wouldn’t be possible without Mr. Carson-Foster and Mr. Cummings’s organization and effort.

All and all, it was a great showcase of the Music Program’s hard work and a great experience for the students of Sam Sherratt and Brookville!

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