H&W SHSM Students Care for Allendale Residents

By Tithi Mayani

The Milton District High School Health and Wellness Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) class have spent their mornings at the Allendale Nursing Home in Milton for the past two weeks.

Since November 26th, the students have worked from 7:20 to 9:20 every morning, meeting the elderly residents and providing care.

Every morning, each student assisted a Personal Support Worker (PSW) in providing care for patients. This included feeding them, getting them dressed, showering them, cleaning their teeth, and/or shaving them.

SHSM students learned all of the procedures in class; this was their chance to use everything they know on an actual patient and experience providing healthcare in the real world.

Helping out at Allendale was a very special opportunity for the SHSM students to gain experience, practice skills, and explore healthcare careers related to the health of older citizens.

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