Guelph University Professor Gives Advice to Future Post-Secondary Students

Maija Shea

Yesterday, the library was closed for a presentation on transitioning to university or college with advice from a Professor from University of Guelph. Grade 12 students were sorted by last name to provide a safer and smaller presentation groups running throughout the day.

Professor Deanna Behnke-Cook is a sociology professor with children of her own transitioning or already living the life of university. The sociology course at MDHS had sat in on one of her lectures earlier in the semester. Her simple ice-breaker activities opened up students eyes to the common fears that they share about their fast approaching future. Her slideshow had a variety of helpful tips as well.

Free scones were provided and they were a hit among the students.

The students and staff at MDHS thank Professor Behnke-Cook for her time and great advice to the nervous and excited grade 12 students.

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