First Ever Elective Selection Options Assembly

Hunter Culhane

An assembly regarding the different electives available at MD during the upcoming 2019–20 school year was held in the cafe this morning.

Using a slideshow, teachers gave short presentations to Grade 10 and 11 students about the English, Arts, Canada & World Studies, Social Sciences, and Technological Education electives, among others.

Descriptions of each elective and its prerequisite were clarified during each slide.

For the majority of electives, it was mentioned that Grade 11 students are allowed to take the Grade 12 course without the Grade 11 prerequisite as long as they receive permission from the teacher.

Teachers said they believe students should not be “held back” from taking a course simply because they don’t have a prerequisite. As long as a student demonstrated obvious skill in an elective, teachers said, the student is allowed to take it.

MD’s Cooperative Education (Co-Op) program was also discussed during the assembly.

Co-Op is an elective in which students earn two credits while gaining valuable experience outside of the classroom. It allows students to make connections to a career they may want to pursue in the future.

According to Mr. Kokerus, the Co-Op lead, many of MD’s Co-Op students receive job offers from their Co-Op placement.

Upon the assembly’s conclusion, trays of various muffins were made available to students to eat before Period 2. A link to a survey was then emailed to every student for feedback on the elective selection options assembly.

Additional information is available online at or on MD’s website.


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