Trudeau’s Tactical Town Hall

Eli Vodarek-Berman

Trudeau Town Hall
PM Trudeau speaks in front of a large crowd at CK. Student Photo.

Last Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hosted a town hall right here in Milton. Despite the chilling -20°C weather, over 1200 Miltonians made it out to hear the Prime Minister speak and answer their questions—this high turnout being notable given that Trudeau’s Liberal Party has never won the riding of Milton.

The event took place in a town hall format. This is a common way for politicians to get to know the topics that Canadians care most about; instead of the Prime Minister speaking solely about his policies, the attendees get to raise their hands and ask him questions as well.

Many questions pressed during the town hall regarded the environment. A particularly topical question surrounded the fact that the Liberal government claims to be pro-environment but recently purchased the Trans Mountain Pipeline. The Prime Minister’s answer took on the issue from a multifaceted position, professing that Canada needs to preserve both its environment and its economy.

Trudeau explained that building the pipeline will allow Canada to deliver oil to customers besides the United States (who is Canada’s biggest oil customer), thus helping the economy. He further explained that because the pipeline is owned by the government, the profits could go to environmentally-based government programs.

Prime Minister Trudeau also brought up the ongoing situation in Venezuela and expressed Canada’s support for the decision to recognize the unelected Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s president, joining the likes of the United States, European Union, and Brazil. Trudeau expressed his concern for the humanitarian crisis occurring in the Latin American country and the alleged human rights abuses committed by the government of Nicholas Maduro, justifying the recognition of Juan Guaidó as president.

Throughout the town hall, the audience was very responsive to Trudeau’s answers, meeting his words with thunderous applause. The Prime Minister continued to answer questions for about 90 minutes, after which he departed the stage. To the bemoaning of his guards, he was trailed by exuberant fans and audience members hoping for selfies.

The Prime Minister will make a re-election bid this October.


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