Teachers from Across the HDSB Consult Students for Classroom Advice


Today, 30 teachers and HDSB staff held a meeting at Milton District High School in their new room, “The Shift”. The team at “The Shift” promotes learning in new ways and for students to expand their learning skills while stretching their mind. The HDSB staff collaborated and each came up with their own lesson plan that demonstrates this type of learning, and had the opportunity to consult real students about it.

Ms. Compton-Morgan and Ms. Anderson are co-teachers for the grade 12 Living Cultures course this semester, a group of over forty students. The team at “The Shift” often helps out with this large group of learners, and as a group they are learning their lessons similarly to those that the teachers constructed. It is only fitting that this large group of students give their advice to these teachers attempting to create new and successful learning opportunities.

In partners, the students were all ears for one of the many teachers and their pitches. When all was said and done, the both parties left with new ideas for positive change in the classroom. The students feel like they will truly make a difference in their community, and soon will be hearing back from the teachers once they get their improved lesson plans out to the classrooms.

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