MD Dominates DECA Provincials: A Competitor’s Perspective


Saihaj Rehsi is a DECA member and competed in the DECA Provincials.


While most students were busy doing homework this past weekend, many of their fellow peers competed at the DECA Provincial competition in Toronto.

DECA is an international business club where students participate in oral case study presentations, business simulations, and written business reports.

Students start out at Regionals, competing against over 15,000 other students. Students who are successful at the regional competition then move on to compete at the Provincial competition in February.

Our Grade 9 students posing for a photo after a hard day of case studies and LDA training. Left to right: Kacy Bao, Shirley Xiao, Emilie Schatzman, Tori Nicholls.

At Provincials, our amazing students went up against over 7,000 other students from across Ontario, all of whom were trying their hardest to be on top. Winners at the Provincial competition are invited to compete against the best in the world at the International competition, held this year in Orlando, Florida.

Every single one of our students is extremely dedicated and put in long hours of hard work, and some even pulling all-nighters for a chance at Internationals. We give a special congratulations to those who earned medals at Provincials for their case study presentations, including Riya Anadkat, Kacy Bao, Preet Makani, Zia Baig, and Tushar Atmakuru, who also earned a medal for his top 20 overall finish.

Saad Fasihi, Ahmed AbdulRahman

We have three DECA Provincial champions going to Internationals this year in sunny Orlando, Florida: DECA Vice President Saad Fasihi and his partner Ahmed AbdulRahman for Finance Operations Research, and DECA’s very own president, Jasiya Janjua, for Sports and Entertainment Marketing. They will be competing as part of Team Ontario against over 20,000 international students this spring.

This is Milton District’s fifth year running DECA and our third year sending students to Internationals. This amazing progress and this year’s fantastic results couldn’t have happened without the help of Mr. Riggs and all of the other staff who make MD’s DECA team rewarding.

Jasiya Janjua

Students often think DECA is just a bunch of hard work that isn’t really worthwhile. They are wrong. DECA isn’t only about being a part of a club or trying to make it to Internationals—it’s the journey taken and the memories made on the way that will last a lifetime.

All that are involved with DECA hope that our club continues to grow and that students find out about the benefits and rewards they can receive by becoming a part of our passionate family. From all of us at DECA, we thank you for your unconditional love and support, and we do hope that more students consider joining our loving family. I guarantee they won’t regret it.



Saihaj Rehsi

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