Semester 2 Is Well Underway


Dear Parents, Guardians & Students,

February is the start of Semester 2 and provides us with an opportunity to continue what is working well, improve on existing practices and to start new things as we continue to live our values of Belong. Elevate. and Respect.

Our student achievement continues to be an area of excellence. Over 94% of our students have successfully completed their Semester 1 courses. In addition, our students continue to be involved in athletics, activities and school life outside the classroom. We continue to seek out, listen to and act on Student Voice. During Semester 1 our student-led School Government brought forth a proposal to Honour the Land on a more regular basis at school. On February 14th, our students had an opportunity to learn the meaning behind Honouring the Land from Indigenous Speaker, Stephen Paquette. In December 1995, the House of Commons officially recognized February as Black History Month in Canada and  our students have planned several school events during the month to commemorate Black History Month.

We continue to focus efforts on our school pride & spirit.  We are very proud of our students who respect our school environment and choose to do the right thing. We are also proud of our students who own up to making mistakes and choose to make it right. These students are in the majority. However, a few individuals continue to damage the boys washrooms by destroying the soap dispensers and repeatedly shattering the mirror. It is unfortunate that we have had to use a substantial portion of our school funds to continually repair the damage Staff and students will continue to work together to take appropriate actions in our efforts to continue to create a positive learning environment for everyone.

With the support of our school community, several of our senior students are preparing to implement a peer tutor initiative. Details will be shared with our school community in the upcoming weeks. Milton District is also beginning to plan for the school’s 100th anniversary in 2020. We will be inviting our school community to assist us in planning the celebrations to come.

As a school community, we are very excited and looking forward to a successful second semester. Together, we have the resolve to face and overcome any challenges that come our way to make Milton District an inclusive and caring community for everyone.


The Milton Admin Team

Rasa Baksys, Principal

Andreas Rehm, Vice Principal

Cherie Rudge, Vice Principal

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