MD Competes at MusicFest in Ancaster

Prema Kapoor

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On February 19, Milton District’s Senior Concert Band and Jazz Band attended the annual MusicFest at Redeemer University in Ancaster, Hamilton.

The two groups left early that morning with Mr. Carson-Foster and Mr. Cummings to ensure they arrived at the university in time for the Jazz Band to perform. While everything was rushed getting off of the bus and setting up instruments, the Jazz Band’s performance was phenomenal. Concert Band members supported them from the crowd! The pieces they performed were “Blues for the Comatose”, “Memories of You”, and “White Heat” (Jeff Jarvis).

Although Jazz Band was off to an early start, Concert Band had to wait until 3 p.m. for their performance. Even though everyone was full of nerves, they put forth their best efforts, performing Prairie Wedding, Bridgeview Overture, and Arrows.

Everyone did a fantastic job performing; both groups receiving Silver medals for their performances. Everyone had a wonderful time at MusicFest!


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