VIDEO: MD Celebrates Black History with Alpha Rhythm Roots Performance

Prema Kapoor


On February 22, the Alpha Rhythm Roots came to Milton District in celebration of Black History Month. They taught both students and teachers about African culture through the art of music.

Throughout the assembly, the group involved the students by having them repeat chants and dance along to their drumming.

Near the end of the assembly, they had MD teachers participate in a contest to see who was the best at dancing. Mr. Hetherington and Ms. Hunter triumphed over their colleagues.

As for the students’ competition, Zach Bishop and Peter Chung were the final two students dancing, each doing an amazing job.

Everyone who attended the assembly had an absolutely wonderful time—especially after watching all of their favourite teachers in the dance off. It’s safe to say many students and staff would love to have the Alpha Rhythm Roots visit MD again in the future!

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