Mustangs Write CEMC Mathematics Contests



The Pascal, Cayley, and Fermat math contests took place during Period 1 in the Library today. Run by The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) at the University of Waterloo, the math contests were a chance for students to challenge their math skills.

Students had 60 minutes to answer 25 multiple choice questions in various contest booklets. Don’t let the multiple choice aspect fool you, however! They were not easy.

Different contest booklets were for different grades. The Pascal contest was for the Grade 9 students, the Cayley contest was for the Grade 10s, and the Fermat contest was for the Grade 11s.

10 questions in Part A were worth 5 points, 10 questions in Part B were worth 6 points, and the last 5 (hardest) questions in Part C were worth 8 points each. Unanswered questions were worth 2 points each (to a maximum of 20 points) and there were no penalties for getting answers wrong—but no points either.

The results of the contests are expected to be announced the week after March Break.

Listed below are the names of all those who participated.  Great job to everyone for their strong efforts!

Grade 9

Kacy Bao

Dalia Hall

Ali Khan

Emilie Schtazmann

Suryanshu Singh

Grade 10

Eva Gharabaghi

Safa Khan

Suha Khan

Ahmed Mohamed

Nayalash Mohammad

Emma Oesch

Phoenix Seelochan

Iman Umair-Qaiser

Yahya Warsi

Aliyan Zahid

Grade 11

Riya Anadkat

Kurt Anand

Tushar Atmakuru

Rashmi Avudaiappan

Lauren Choi

Olivia Elliott

Zukhruf Hanif

Jasiya Janjua

Haley Janvrin

Preet Makani

Tithi Mayani

Arsh Pervez

Andrei Preda

Munim Rana

Aryan Rastogi

Zayd Tahir

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