Women’s March Down Main Street


On March 8th, in celebration of International Women’s Day, students and teachers at MD took part in the Women’s March Down Main. With close to two hundred students attending, all attendees made their way down to Town Hall led by MD’s Social Justice SHSM students.

Upon arriving at Town Hall, all students and teachers had the opportunity to listen to Mayor Gord Krantz’s Mayoral Proclamation in honour of women. His speech was followed by a special speech by the Canadian Federation of University Women, in which they spoke about how while Canada has made a great deal of progress regarding women’s rights and gender parity, there is still a long road ahead of us. Lastly, Hibah Bashir and Anissa Gandhi, two SHSM students at Milton District, gave a powerful and heartwarming speech about our very own principal, Ms. Baksys.

Afterwards, everyone at Town Hall began the trek to Main Street to commence the March. With the sound of chants and laughter in the air, all attendees had a wonderful time, especially when everyone received a carnation.

The Women’s March Down Main was a great and motivational experience for everyone who attended, and many can’t wait to participate again next year!

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