What Did You Do Over March Break?

Rashmi Avudaiappan

I spent most of my time analyzing articles about law cases in Canada. I went to the Cineplex in Milton and watched How to Train Your Dragon 3 in 3D, and it was disappointing. Finally, I spent time catching up on TV shows such as Riverdale, Dynasty, The Perfect Match, and Once Upon A Time.

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Shreekrithi Gowrishankar

I spent most of the time with my family. We watched How to Train Your Dragon 3 in theatres and we also went to Woodbine Mall. Other than that, I went to classes and I did homework. I also caught up on shows that I hadn’t seen in a while and I played games with my younger sister.

Riya Anadkat

My family and I took a vacation to Italy. I enjoyed croissants and Italian coffee every morning and tasted many kinds of pasta and pizzas. We saw many well-known attractions including the Colosseum and the famous statue of David. It was a fun experience travelling to a different country, learning about Roman culture and the interesting history of Italy.

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Arsh Pervez

Over the March break, lots and lots of 9gag.

Tithi Mayani

I had lots of fun with family and friends. My cousin took us out to see Captain Marvel, and we got to sit in the D-Box (those seats that move)! As well, I spent a fair amount of time doing homework and trying to catch up on schoolwork, playing games with my brother, and practising for HOSA.

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Tasmia Jamil

I tried a variety of new foods, one of these included Mochi, a Japanese Ice Cream Dessert. There were three different flavours including vanilla, mango and green tea. Additionally, I had strawberry macarons which weren’t as delicious but I liked their aesthetic. I also watched a show called Skam which has many adaptations in various countries, my favourite is Skam Italia.

Prema Kapoor

Over the March Break, I rewatched all three John Mulaney specials, and read Les Miserables, and Missing Sarah. I met up with some of my friends, and we watched Coraline, and The Office. Near the end of the break, I baked doughnuts with my family.

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Tuba Choudhry

I spent most of my time working and running errands with my mom. I did have a bit of fun at the beginning of the week when I met up with some friends and watched Captain Marvel. Which, by the way, was a great film. Overall, it was a busy week with not much time to sit back and just relax.

Ben Hartshorn

Most of my March Break was spent recovering from a recent break of my collarbone during an unlucky trip to the ski hill. A highlight from the break was a comedy symphony I went to, starring world-famous comedian and improviser, host Colin Mochrie.

Emma-Grace Callan-Bennink

This March Break wasn’t the most eventful for me and I spent most of it trying to relax and de-stress due to the heavy semester I currently have. I got to see my niece who is almost one month old. I also spent a lot of my break reading. I managed to read three books in the week, all of which I highly enjoyed.

Zian Raheem

My march break was very interesting in terms of my previous breaks. I spent a lot of time with my family playing basketball and soccer. During my break, I took my first G2 driving lessons and in my first class, I drove to Mississauga. I also watched Captain Marvel, which left me disappointed. Overall, my march break was great.

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