The Spring Equinox


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Today, on March 20th, those in the Northern Hemisphere are celebrating Spring Equinox which starts at 5:58pm. Spring Equinox is more commonly referred to as the first day of Spring. Equinox, which means “equal night” in Latin, marks the first day of the year in which day and night are the same lengths.

While the day usually marks when the Northern Hemisphere tilts closer to the Sun, making days hotter, this year, roughly four hours after the Equinox, there will be a Supermoon, very close to the Earth. The Supermoon will start around 10:00pm and will continue into the next day. The last time a full moon occurred around the same time as Spring Equinox was 19 years ago, in March 2000. The next time a Supermoon will occur around the same time as Equinox will be in 11 years, in 2030.

If you have the chance to, try to go outside and see the Supermoon, since it is 2019’s third and final Supermoon of the year!

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