Grade 12 Law Class Annual Courthouse Trip


On Wednesday last week, Mr. Newman’s senior law class took the GO Train to Downtown Toronto to visit the Court House on University Avenue. To kick off the day, there was a Q&A session with a judge and two experienced lawyers where students could ask any question about how the law or the court system works.

From there it was a free roam around the building where students could see any trial of their choosing. To name a few of the trails that were taking place, there were two murders, a dangerous offender, fraud, conspiring, and more. Here is a Toronto Star article about one of the murder trials [WARNING: Graphic Details].

After a few hours at the Court House, the group headed over to the Toronto Eaton Centre for lunch and some optional shopping. With a huge food court and three floors of amazing stores, everyone had a blast with their friends.

The returning students from last year were happy to be back and those who were visiting the Court House for the first time had a fantastic time as well. For those who are taking law next year, this trip is definitely one of the highlights of the semester.

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