Sunny Straws


Do you care about the environment? If so, help the Eco Team and donate to their initiatives!

One of the largest negative impacts on our environment comes from single-use plastic straws. In recent events, cities across the globe have decided to ban plastic straws, and one way you can support this is by purchasing reusable straws. Sunny Straws is a company aimed to reducing the plastic we consume in our everyday lives by manufacturing and creating reusable metal straws. There are two packages for you to purchase for yourself or family and friends.

The first is the least expensive of the two, and comes in an eco friendly box that includes four colourful, curved stainless steel straws and a cotton brush straw cleaner.

The next package comes in a floral patterned box including two thin curved straws, for regular drinks, two wide stainless steel silver straws, perfect for thick drinks like smoothies and milkshakes, and 2 cotton brushes. Additionally, this package includes a wooden straw travel case and a carry pouch for everything.

The First Package (Metallic) sells for $8 and the Second Package (Floral) for $13.

If interested, please write your full name, grade, and quantity of packages you would like to order, under the name of the package in the link below.

Remember MD, every straw counts!

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