Relay for Life Sign Up


Relay for Life is an annual event where students and teachers alike come together to help fight cancer. It consists of students and teachers making teams, and fundraising as much as they can to donate to cancer. Teams compete with each other to raise the most money. Everyone must pay a registration fee of $20 , and the individual fundraising goal is $35.

On the day of Relay for Life, students will gather on the track, from 2-9pm, and walk. For the duration of the event, each team needs to have at least one member on the track, holding the team baton. Teams are encouraged to coordinate outfits, tents, blankets, and more to show the most team spirit and creativity!

There are many activities planned for the event, such as live music, henna, colouring, a bouncy castle, team games, facepaint, and food trucks. Teams are also free to bring their own activities to do on the track (eg a frisbee, a soccer ball, and so on).

All fundraised money must be in by Monday April 29th. All participating members must have their field trips signed and handed in before the event, to excuse them from their last period class. All registration must be done online, at The $20 registration fee can be paid online, or in person.

Come on, MD, let’s make this the best Relay we’ve ever had!

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