Halton Skills Competition


On April 2nd, the Milton District Students participated in the Halton Skills Competition. Most of the events took place at Craig Kielburger Secondary School. The competition consisted of categories such as Healthcare, Coding, Auto Service Technology, TV Video, Landscaping, Mechanical CADD, Floristry, Hair Styling, and Culinary Arts.

The MD Health and Wellness SHSM students also participated in this competition, taking part in the Healthcare (Demonstration) Event.

The event consisted of multiple First Aid/CPR scenarios, each graded by a professional paramedic. Drama students played the patients for each scenario, and the special effects makeup for the injuries was done by cosmetology students. Competing teams of three did the scenarios throughout the day and were evaluated based on skills such as treating a spinal injury, going CPR, treating hypothermia, immobilizing a fracture, and many more.

The top three teams in this category were ALL from MDHS! In first place, we had Rida Khan, Rafiyah Zahra. The second place team was Nicholas Loo, Christine Hoskin, and Rebekah Garcia. Third place team has Jasiya Janjua, Anisha Deshmukh, Zainab Zahra, and Jamie Morandin.

Congratulations for the SHSM students for participating, and sweeping the podium!

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