Eco Club Initiatives


Last Monday, April 22nd marked the 49th international Earth Day, where over 193 countries across the world joined together in raising awareness and advocating for environmental protection. To celebrate this occasion the Eco Club has been preparing some exciting projects to help make MDHS a more environmentally friendly school this spring. Check out some of the projects we are planning to launch!

Bin Posters!


They’re impossible to miss—these posters are large, colourful and will sit on the wall in the cafeteria. Made and designed by the Eco Club members themselves, they are sure to make you think twice about which bin your waste goes into.


Sunny Straws!


If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, Sunny Straws are the way to go. These reusable metal straws are easy to use and easy to clean and are being sold by the Eco Club this week.

For more information on how to get your own Sunny Straws, check out Tasmia’s article here.


Collection Bins!


On the tall table just inside the cafeteria sit collection bins for certain items such as writing utensils, milk bags, and even glass mason jars. These unusual recyclable products can be separately sent to be turned into new products, such as new writing utensils, mats (from the milk bags) and sustainability kits (from the jars).


Eco Message Board!


On one of the bulletin boards right inside the cafeteria, the Eco Club will be posting its own Eco Message Board, complete with facts, initiatives, and awareness-raisers for the entire school to see. Stay tuned!

Get ready Mustangs, the Eco Club is taking action!

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