Zuya Abro Voted Valedictorian


Congratulations to Zuya Abro for being voted as the valedictorian for the class of 2019.

Friday morning was the grad breakfast with pancakes, hash browns, fruits, vegetables, and juice. Five senior students gave fantastic speeches for a chance to be voted as the student that will represent their graduating class at commencement.

Spencer Kramer, Shimmi Kelly, Anissa Ghandi, and Sameer Naderi ran alongside Zuya and each gave moving speeches about their years with Milton District High School.

Special thanks to Ms. Gleeson and Mr. Kokerus for serving the breakfast, to Mr Carson-Foster and Mr. Cummings for setting up the sound, and to the cafeteria staff for preparing an amazing meal.

Commencement is on June 27 for all grads. Place your gown size as soon as possible!

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