Hey MD!

With the end of the school year fast approaching, guidance is trying their best to prepare for the next school year. With these preparations come a few new changes to the student body.

Since we want to accommodate as many course selections as possible, Grade 11 and 12 students may not be given their usual common lunch during period 4. The seniors may have lunch during any of the 5 periods during the school day, while grade 9 students have their lunch period 3 and grade 10 students during period 4.

Additionally, student timetables will be emailed during Exam Review Day, Thursday, June 27th. For now, students with any timetable conflicts are being assisted. If you require a timetable change, priority will go to grade 12 changes first due to their graduation requirements. September 5th is the last day for timetable changes. The “Timetable Change Request Forms” are available starting June 20th.

Course changes are for students who: need level changes, have unbalanced timetables, need changes due to summer school courses or have program pathway needs.


Enjoy the end of your year and good luck on exams!

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