Introducing your HOSA executives

Tithi Mayani •

Milton District High School’s first HOSA meeting of the school year took place on September 13 in Room 209.

This year, the chapter has opened up to more grades. The first meeting of the year had a full house; future SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major) members in Grade 10 joined current SHSM members in Grade 11 and 12.

In addition to welcoming the new members, introducing the categories, and explaining the goals and changes for this year, last year’s HOSA president also introduced the idea of having a panel of executives to help run HOSA. Positions were decided on, nominations were made, pitches were presented, and votes were cast—all within half an hour. By the end of the meeting, the new panel had been created:

Jasiya Janjua – Past President

Melissa Guthrie – Current President

Areej Amjad – Vice President of Training

Tithi Mayani – Vice President of Chapter Development

Meghan O’Hara – Vice President of Promotions

Lauren Choi – Vice President of Finance

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