Equity: What is it and what is MD doing about it?

Maira Khan •

Equity may seem like a subjective term and it can often be difficult to assign a particular definition to it. However, the word equity comes from the Latin word aequus, which translates to equal. At its core, that is what equity really means: equality.

In a high school environment, equity is essential. It’s important to understand what we can do in order to achieve it.

Equity in education focuses on providing students with the support they need to be successful. It is important to recognize each and every student and work towards providing them with that dose of motivation that is vital to their learning.

However, equity is not only centered towards bettering the academic development of students, as it also focuses on maintaining a healthy environment that makes them feel safe and welcomed. Inclusivity plays a huge role when it comes to equity—reflecting rich cultures in the resources used for teaching in classrooms is crucial.


One of the many steps towards attaining equity is to allow for student voice. Milton District High School recently started an equity club. The purpose of the club is to allow students to talk about what’s important to them and how our school can do better.

Equity is up to the students. It’s a student-centred approach towards strengthening the core of Milton District’s community and culture. It is important to realize the significance of equity, where you stand, and how important your opinions can be.

The equity team welcomes students of all grades so they can feel like they belong, to elevate each other, and most importantly, to teach students to respect themselves and their peers.

Belong. Elevate. Respect.