Frozen in time: the Grade 9 Ice Cream Social

Tasmia Jamil •

At the beginning of every school year, there is always a fun event hosted by the Mustangs in Blue (MIB) leaders as a way for the Grade 9s to get to know each other and familiarize themselves with the school. In the previous years, there have been Grade 9 Fun Days, where students played games out on the field and enjoyed freezies as a treat. This year, MIB decided to do something completely different and held a Grade 9 Ice Cream Social.

The event took place during Period 5 on Friday, September 20, in the school cafeteria. Everyone in Grade 9 and part of MIB was excused from class and served a slab of delicious ice cream while having the opportunity to socialize. In addition, some students even played songs at the side of the café to keep the energy up. Afterwards, students split up to enjoy the outdoor weather and play around, strengthening bonds.

Everyone had fun together, making it a great way to end off the week. The weather was great, the people friendly, and who doesn’t love some free ice cream with sprinkles?

Check out our sweet photo gallery from the event below!