Grade 9 Night: A blast for both students and parents

Tithi Mayani •

On Thursday, September 26, Milton District High School held a successful Grade 9 Night.

From 6:30 to 9:00 p.m., Grade 9 students and their parents got a chance to view the Club Fair, located in the front hallway. Representative students from Milton District’s clubs set up exhibits and booths to promote their clubs and inform students on how to get involved.

Grade 9 students were directed to the small gym to participate in the Grade 9 student dance. Music was provided by Milton District’s Music SHSM students, and facilitated by the Mustangs in Blue (MIB) crew. Upbeat music, colourful lights, and joyful students made the first dance of the year a success!


While students were sent to the party, their parents were invited into the Large Gym to be officially welcomed to the school by our administrative team. After a short 30 minute talk, parents were free to roam the school and experience it as their children do.

The night was divided into 4 segments, designed to imitate the 4 class periods of the day. With their child’s schedule in hand, parents visited their classes and met their teachers for the first time.

MIB leaders were stationed in the hallways to help any lost parents find their way.


Overall, the night was a blast for both students and parents. It was a great opportunity to learn about the awesome teachers and the exciting extracurriculars offered at Milton District High School.