5th Week Reports go home Tuesday

Tithi Mayani •

Fifth week report cards are being sent out on Tuesday, October 15.

All grade 9 students will receive their marks on this day. For older students with a risk of failing (grade of 60% or below), emails will be sent out to both students and parents.

Marks were submitted near the end of last week, so any tests or assignments marked afterwards will not be included.

A fifth week report card isn’t a formal report card. It’s a MarkBook printout that has a breakdown of all marked assignments and tests so far in the course.

It is not a good estimate of what the overall average in the course will be, as very few marks have been entered in this early in the year.

Missing work and small quizzes will have a very big impact on this report card, but won’t be worth much by the end of the semester.

Parent-teacher interviews will be held on Thursday, October 17, for parents that wish to discuss the report card with teachers.

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