ICNA Canada cultural exhibits teach MD about Muslim history

Tasmia Jamil •

On October 9, MD hosted an Islamic heritage event in the cafeteria organized by the ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America). The event took place during periods 3 and 4 for anyone to visit.

A group of motivated Muslim females were the hosts and provided some background and history by displaying exhibits showing the Muslim community’s history in Canada and around the world.

These exhibits included the creation of Islamic geometric designs, the Badshahi Masjid (a popular location to visit in Lahore, Pakistan), and the history of Enslaved African Muslims.

Ranging from chapter to picture books about the great progress and changes made by and in the Muslim community, there was also some reading material to show their contributions to science and society as a whole.

Finally, the ICNA served savoury samosas and pizzas to the MD students and staff!