Mona Ewais: A voice for the future

Prema Kapoor •

On September 26, one of MD’s Grade 9 students, Mona Ewais, attended a CBC In The Community panel discussion with panelists who shared what they wished “the federal government would do to address climate change in Milton.”

After hearing Greta Thunberg’s speech at the United Nations, Mona became inspired to take action within her own community and think more about how climate change will affect her and generations after.

When her mother mentioned the CBC panel to her, Mona was immediately interested and decided to attend the discussion that took place at the First Ontario Arts Centre Milton.


The CBC accepted questions through email and the question Mona submitted was:

Millennials and Generation Z will witness the negative effects of climate change, including Co2 pollution, rising sea levels, natural disasters, and animal extinction. How will each federal candidate plan on engaging with young people on issues related to climate change, seeing as they will be most affected by it?

During the panel, Mona was invited to participate in the discussion by reading her question out loud. She was later interviewed by the CBC as well.

After speaking with Mona, we learned that this was an extremely informative experience for her as she was able to learn more about political activism and the important topics affecting our town, including as farming and public transit.

This was Mona’s first time speaking in public, and she did her absolute best! She represented Milton District High School and our town wonderfully.