Robotics: Q&A


Q: What is the club about?

A: Robotics is a team comprised of different sections for students to take part in, including design, programming, manufacturing, electrical/pneumatics, business/marketing, and the drive team. In robotics, there are many different people you can work with and you can find mentors who are ambitious and helpful to guide you through any activity you might be completing. There’s always a lot of activities to complete, so members are never bored as well. Robotics goes on different field trips throughout the year, such as to universities, colleges, and stadiums, with each experience being unforgettable. In the past, we have made it to the provincial championships and were a part of the top 50 robotics teams in all of Ontario. None of this would be possible, though, if it weren’t for Mr. Daviau, the supervising teacher of Robotics. He is a really hardworking and dedicated teacher who puts forth a considerable amount of time each year to help the students and team overall to make sure they can do the best they can.

Q: Who’s welcome?

A: Anyone, you don’t need any experience.

Q: When and where are meetings held?

A: Tuesdays and Thursdays until 5pm.