Gaming Club: Q&A

“It’s sick dude, you kidding?”

Q: What is the club about?

A: It is a community of passionate students that take part in casual and competitive gaming events, where they can coach and learn from each other. It provides students who otherwise would not find engagement with other clubs and sports, a community and a space to be themselves. We have recently partnered with the newly formed MD Chess Club to branch out into other forms of gaming.

Q: Do you have any hopes for the future of the club?

A: Just to continue growing and hopefully branch out to have competitions with other schools, like Jean Vanier.

Q: Who’s welcome?

A: Everyone!

Q: When and where are meetings held?

A: Thursdays after school in the library until 4:45pm.

Interviewee: M. Arseneau, supervising teacher of the Gaming Club