IN PHOTOS: Honours Celebration recognizes outstanding student achievement

Shiuli Khanna •

The Honours Celebration is an event that takes place every year at MD to congratulate Mustangs on their academic success. It’s a rewarding time to celebrate the past year.

On October 17, from 4 to 5 p.m., students gathered in the Large Gym to celebrate the achievement of obtaining an average of 80% or higher through hard work and determination during both semesters the previous school year.

The event began with Grade 12 student Arvin Nazari delivering a speech honouring the land to those who were here before us.


Afterwards, Mr. Jones also gave an empowering speech which included one of his favourite books about leadership.


Soon after, MD’s Sr. Jazz Band (led by Mr. Carson-Foster) spiced up the afternoon by playing some cool tunes.


Delicious snacks and refreshments were also provided.

A huge congratulations goes out to Shirley Xiao (Gr. 10), Eva Gharabaghi (Gr. 11), and Zayd Tahir (Gr. 12) for obtaining the highest average in their grade the previous year.

Kacy Bao, a Grade 10 student, also received an award for completing the 2018–19 Waterloo Math Contest with an excellent score.

The number of students, parents, and teachers who showed up was tremendous! The line to receive the well-deserved certificates extended well beyond the entrance to the gym—the dedication and commitment of MD students was on display for all to see.

It was not only a fantastic opportunity to be rewarded after a long, hard year, but was also a great time to connect with other students, parents, and teachers!

Way to go Mustangs! Keep up the amazing work.