Counting down to Halloween: Spooky tape sculptures haunt the halls for the first time

Aidan GriffinSaad Hussain

Spooky Tape Displays

Mr. Sumner’s art class has kicked off October with a spooky surprise. They’ve put up a dozen splendid art displays that embody the spirit and passion of Halloween all around the main staircase and hallway!


The structures are made up of tape, plastic, and bubble wrap. Each has a painted face with amazing cosmetics, showcasing their beauty and the passionate work students put into them.

The hard work of many students in constructing these displays is no better exemplified than in the scarecrow design. To make this piece look realistic, students used a ripped shirt, a hat, and straw hanging from the feet and hands.

We would like to thank each and every one of the students who participated in making these displays. It’s safe to say they have made this year’s Halloween more exciting for everyone at MD, including students, parents, and teachers!