MD hosts voting booths for 2019 federal election

Tithi Mayani •


Election day in Canada was Monday, October 21. Milton District High School acted as one of the voting stations with booths for citizens to vote in. Signs were posted around the front door and hallway, directing voters to the Large Gym.

Elections Canada representative Nancy Moore was highly impressed with Milton District High School’s friendly feel and selfless helping nature. She asked Principal Ms. Baksys to let MD know how appreciated our positive and welcoming environment was for voters.

The federal election results concluded with the Liberal Party winning a minority government, meaning they have less than 50% of the seats in the House of Commons.

Justin Trudeau will continue as Prime Minister, though his party now has 157 seats—down by 20.

The Conservatives were the runner-up with 121 seats, up 26, making them Canada’s Official Opposition again. Much of their votes were cast by citizens in the Prairie provinces.

The Bloc Québécois came in third with 32 seats while the NDP won 24, and the Green Party won 3.