Annual Halloween Costume Contest spooks MD students

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As the grand finale of Spooky Week, Student Government ran the Annual Milton District High School Costume Contest during the Fall Sports Recognition Assembly on Thursday.

The three categories were Best Individual Costume, Best Group Costume, and Best Teacher Department Costume.

To decide on the Best Individual Costume, contestants willing to participate were asked to stand up and show their spirit as the Grade Representatives from Student Government ran around and selected the best costumes.

All chosen contestants were then asked to come to the front of the gym as the audience decided on the winner by cheering for who they believed had the best costume, led by Prime Minister Avi Roy and Deputy Prime Minister Maheesha Thiyagarajah.

• Prema Kapoor / The Mustang Messenger

The Best Individual Costume winner was awarded a Mustang Champion Hoodie, one of the new designs added to MD’s merch catalogue. Easton Sarich won this prize with his astounding and detail-oriented Cop costume.

• Student Government

The winners for the Best Group Costume won a pizza party. Toby and Palmer from Grade 10 won this award by dressing up as E-Boys!

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The final prize, the title for Best Teacher Department costume, went to the Mathematics Department for their team effort in dressing up as characters from The Simpsons.

The Annual MDHS Costume Contest was a blast and exciting experience for all students this year, freshman to senior!

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