Health & Wellness SHSM visits the Michener Institute

Shiuli Khanna•

On Saturday, November 16th (yes, that’s right—a Saturday), the Grade 11 Health & Wellness SHSM students woke up bright and early to visit the Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences located deep in the heart of Toronto.

Students met at MDHS at 8:30 am where they embarked on a bus ride complete with karaoke competitions to Michener. Once they arrived, students got a chance to tour the institution and learn more about their intriguing programs. From genetics labs to hematology to respiratory therapy to foot care, there was definitely something for everyone!

Some students even got to try their hand at suturing!

Not only was this a fantastic opportunity that allowed future healthcare professionals to learn about the variety of jobs in the field of medicine, but it was also a great time for the SHSM students of 1st & 2nd semesters to bond and get to know each other better.

Interested in what Michener Institute has to offer? Take a look at their website!