This Year’s Junior Semi-Formal was the Best Yet!

Tithi Mayani•

MD’s annual Junior Semi-Formal Dance took place on November 14th. The first big initiative put on by our amazing Student Government since the Halloween costume contest, this night was another phenomenal success.

Hosted with a 1920’s theme to commemorate 100 years of MDHS, the almost 200 attending students had a blast! What an amazing turnout!

Tickets had been on sale throughout the week prior to the event. Sold periods three and four in the cafeteria. Each ticket cost $10, which paid for one groovy night our Grade 9’s and 10’s will never forget.

Student Government students, led by Wafa Saleem, had been working hard on making and preparing the decorations for the dance, having started days before the dance. Members worked day and night they worked to make this year’s dance one to remember.

Milton District High School was founded in 1920, so this year’s theme of the night was ‘The Roaring Twenties,’ commemorating MD’s approaching 100th year anniversary. Colours for decorations included black, gold, and white.

On the day of the dance, Student Government members worked throughout the afternoon and well after school had ended to decorate the cafeteria. Within a matter of hours, it was transformed into a adorned party-room with fancy tables, balloons, colourful lights, streamer-doors, and fairy lights.

The dance started at 6:30 pm, at the same time as the Grade 7/8 parent night event. Seeing the decorated entrance of the cafeteria and hearing the music pumping allowed parents and future students to get a glimpse of the spirited student life at MD.

Music was provided by the MDHS music program. With almost 200 junior students attending, there were more than enough students to enjoy the great DJing. There was food at the dance, but not all of it was included in the ticket fee. However, everybody who paid for the ticket was allowed a delicious slice of pizza.

The dance ended at 9:00 pm, at which point Student Government members put themselves to work cleaning up after the dance, and assembling the cafeteria to how it normally looks.

Overall, this dance was a HUGE success, surpassing the junior semi formals of recent years. Congratulations and a massive thanks to everyone involved in organizing it!